About Me

I read some comments recently on a “professional” Djs website and I thought I could answer them If they happen to be on your “questions to ask the DJ “ checklist.

Is this my Fulltime Job? 

No… but some months when you’re booked every weekend it feels like it. However I don’t consider myself a hobbyist dj either. I have a very professional approach to my customers and their requirements.

Is my equipment Good?

A fair bit of my income goes back into improving equipment and upgrading. I make all of my own benches and wrap them in carpet and vinyl. The sound equipment if your talking brands Is not no.1 but is considered by many as exceptional. Mackie is my chosen brand.

Will I Be Your DJ On The Night

Yes…Unless dire circumstances stop me from being able to attend (hasn’t happened yet} but a replacement DJ will be obtained.

Do I Provide Lighting?

Yes lighting is included in the options or packages discussed and is not a hidden extra.

Do I take Requests?

Yes absolutely…I play about 95% of the requests given on the night.

There is that 5% that are usually not suitable or are floor clearers.

Do I have mics or talk on them?

Yes microphones are used on the night and can be made available for speeches should they not have an in house system.

Lapel mics and mics on stands can also be requested for the service and celebrants but are an optional extra.


I have answered a few of the more commonly asked questions and would love to talk with you about your occasion. I consider myself to be a good choice if you’re after a dj and not a band because I can keep my pricing lower because I’m not relying on it as a sole source of income…

What are you waiting for make an inquiry today.